Slated with Pizzazz

This water feature is very easy to build and you can tailor it to suit your own space and style.


  • Sump – this is buried in the ground and provides a small ‘pond’ for the pump to operate in
  • Mild steel flat bar
  • Waterfall submersible pump
  • Foaming or bubble fountain nozzle
  • Threaded steel pipe
  • Slate ‘crazy paving’ or slate tiles
  • Mortar core drill bit

Step 1

Make a frame strong enough to carry the weight of the slate pile above the pump. Bend mild steel flat bar into a frame that is high enough to cover the water pump and wide enough to hold the piled slate pieces.

Step 2

Screw the threaded pipe into the pump so that it stands vertically with the end of the pipe at the proposed height of the slate pile. If you are unsure what height to make the water feature, use a long pipe and then cut it once you have attached the slate.

Step 3

Use the mortar core drill bit to drill a hole in the largest piece of slate – this piece serves as the base of the feature and should be large enough to hide the frame and the pump from view. Slide the slate over the pipe in order to start the slate pile.

Step 4

Select another piece of slate, keeping the smaller pieces for the top of the water feature for a ‘flowing’ feature, or use a large piece on the top in order to create more of a ‘waterfall’ effect. The holes can be drilled in the middle of the slate or they can be offset in order to make the feature wider – use your own creativity and tailor the feature to your own style.

Step 5

For extra pizzazz add a bubble or foaming nozzle.

Closing Notes

The total cost, excluding plants, is approximately R4 000.

For all your water feature requirements contact KLB Engineering on 011 668 1923 or visit

This water feature was installed by Craig de Necker of The Friendly Plant in association with KLB Engineering.

Contact Craig on 082 805 0910 or visit

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